NetLink Trust selects Streamline Fibre to audit and manage its backbone fibre network

Singapore, Sept 2022


NetLink Trust (NLT), Singapores leading fibre infrastructure provider, has selected Streamline Fibre from Nasc Technologies to digitalise and automate the auditing the management of its backbone fibre network. Using a combination of mobility, automation, and AI, Streamline Fibre will allow NLT to update and maintain its critical database of fibre assets distributed underground throughout its network of over 70k manholes across Singapore.


Danny Leow, Director of Operations in NLT, says "We looked at many solutions for this specific need, and found that Streamline Fibre was best suited for this project. Since project kick off, Streamline Fibre has proven to be the highly customizable that we had hoped for, such that we were able to craft the precise workflow and automation we wanted. Moreover, the Nasc Technologies team has been a great partner in this endeavor, proving responsive and proactive each step of the way".


"We are delighted to be working on a complex project with NLT, an operator who is pushing the boundaries in terms of automation and digitalisation" say Des Keary, Nasctech CEO. "We are impressed with how deeply NLT has thought through exactly what they want, and in how they aim to eliminate as many manual steps as possible, a very modern approach to software. We look forward to continuing to work with NLT long into the future to further help them modernise their operations".