With 5G rollouts becoming a reality and infrastructure sharing becoming increasingly common, Towercos need to ensure they are fully leveraging their existing infrastructure to increase return on tower, site and asset investments. Nasctech have therefore launched a specialized platform that enables Towercos to more effectively manage sales, tenants, projects and site maintenance on one easy-to-use platform.

The STREAMLINE TOWERCO™ modules are designed to:

  • Act as a centralised CRM solution to manage your tenants end to end including billing and invoice automation
  • Centralize and mobilize all aspects of the rollout process from approval to acceptance; candidate identification, surveys, leases, milestones, document control
  • Act as a comprehensive site database that includes accurate historical and current assets records at the site or project level
  • Simplify Field Operations and ensure contractor accountability with fully automated processes, configurable checklists, authenticated media uploads and geofencing
  • Monitor and manage site maintenance schedules, site audits, inspections, acceptance and trouble ticketing through standardized workflows


Gain Insight and Control of Sales Processes

Monetize Towers and Drive Revenue

Deliver Sites and Projects Faster

Increase Productivity and Operational Efficiency

STREAMLINE TowerCo™ is a highly flexible solution exclusively for Towercos


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How STREAMLINE TowerCo™ Accelerates Speed to Revenue


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