Sept 2022 - NetLink Trust selects Streamline Fibre to audit and manage its backbone fibre network

Singapore, Sept 2022

NetLink Trust (NLT), Singapores leading fibre infrastructure provider, has selected Streamline Fibre from Nasc Technologies to digitalise and automate the auditing the management of its backbone fibre network. Using a combination of mobility, automation, and AI, Streamline Fibre will allow NLT to update and maintain its critical database of fibre assets distributed underground throughout its network of over 70k manholes across Singapore.

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June 2022 - Seacom modernises the management of its fibre assets with STREAMLINE™

Nairobi, Kenya Jun 2022

Seacom, Africa's largest fibre provider, has modernized the management of its fibre assets thanks to STREAMLINE FIBRE™ from Nasc Technologies. Thanks to STREAMLINE FIBRE™, all of Seacom's asset information and workflow will be 100% online and 100% up to date, plus all activities related to fibre assets will be mobilized via STREAMLINE™ Workforce Management.

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Jan 2022 - Globe Telecom moves to a fibre predictive maintenance approach using Streamline AI

Manila, Philippines Jan 2022

Leading Philippine telco Globe Telecom has selected Nasc Technologies Ltd. to move to a predictive maintenance approach for its fibre network.

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DEC 2021 - TSTT moves to a predictive maintenance approach with Streamline AI to optimise OPEX and improve network performance

Dublin, Ireland Dec 2021
Trinidad and Tobago's leading telecommunications operator, Telecommunications Services of Trinidad and Tobago (TSTT), has modernised its genset fleet maintenance strategy by using Nasctech’s Streamline AI predictive maintenance module to plan and optimise its maintenance schedule for its site generator fleet.


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APR 2021 - Sacofa uses Streamline AI to speed up its fibre design

Kuching, Malaysia Apr 2021
SACOFA Sdn Bhd is incorporating Nasctech’s AI platform into its existing Streamline Fibre install to help improve the speed and quality of their FTTH designs. The AI module will learn from previous designs to suggest the most optimal fibre route for green-fields or existing network extension to Sacofa’s planners, saving considerable time and effort in the process.

“Using AI to improve our designs is a very innovative approach which was suggested to us by Nasctech”, says Zakaria Polit, Sacofa CIO.


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Dec 2020 - Mitratel modernises its Towerco operations with Streamline Tower Management

Jakarta, Indonesia, Dec 2020
Mitratel, the leading and fastest growing Tower Company in Indonesia, has selected Streamline Towerco from Nasc Technologies to modernise its operations end to end, choosing Streamline in an RFP process that included several of the world’s top software providers.


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Dublin, Ireland Oct 2020
Vodafone Fiji, the top operator in the country, has rolled out STREAMLINE™ Field Operations Management software solution from Nasctech to build an efficient, digital and COVID ready technical operations approach.


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APR 2020 - TSTT stays ahead of the game by using Streamline AI to predict Inventory needs

Dublin, Ireland Apr 2020
Trinidad and Tobago’s leading telecommunications operator, Telecommunications Services of Trinidad and Tobago (TSTT), has selected Streamline AI to help predict and optimize its inventory needs to better serve its residential and business customers.
Streamline AI will allow TSTT to look at previous consumption trends, stock on hand, and future forecasts, to plan its ordering needs and optimize its inventory working capital.


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Dublin, Ireland July 2019
Nasc Technologies (Nasctech) has launched an AI platform, Streamline AI, to allow telecom operators to proactively manage their fibre networks and reduce fibre related issues and outages. The platform innovative will predict service impacting issues, allowing the operator to proactively prevent such issues. These proactive measures driven by Streamline AI will lead to an improved quality of service for the operator, and an improved customer experience.


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Dublin, Ireland Mar 2019
Nasc Technologies (Nasctech) has appointed Verdant Advisors to assist in building out its global partner network, with a focus on the North American market. Verdant will work to identify and onboard suitable partners to help bring Nasc Technologies innovative product line to a much broader audience through the scale that partners bring.


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SEPT 2018 - STREAMLINE Drone™ Reduces Tower Audit timelines by a factor of 6 for Sacofa in Malaysia

Kuching, Malaysia Sept 2018
SACOFA Sdn Bhd has become one of the first Malaysian telco’s to embrace the new wave of drone technologies and have selected Nasc Technologies’ Streamline Drone software platform, which automates drones flights for tower inventory audit purposes. It also automates the processing of all resultant images from such tower audits, greatly improving the speed at which audits can be completed.


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August 2018 - CellularOne improves operational efficiency by 31% using Streamline™

CellularOne prides itself in maintaining a high level of network uptime and service quality to its subscribers through its diligence and attention to detail. However, their field operations was manual and characterized by fragmented information and sub-optimal efficiency…

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Jun, 2017 - Nasc Technologies automates Jamii Telecoms fibre sales to deliver 35% process efficiency gains

Nairobi, Kenya 2017

Jamii Telecoms Ltd (JTL), the leading fibre provider in Kenya, has transformed its operations into a fully mobile, digitized and agile organization by deploying STREAMLINE FIBRE™ from Nasc Technologies Ltd. JTL have automated their sales process and accelerated the delivery of fibre services across its network by over 35%. The innovative software platform enhances Jamii’s sales delivery and new customer activation accelerates by digitizing processes and eliminating paperwork offering a 360 degree approach to Sales Management in delivering performance based solution. JTL has ported its key operational processes onto STREAMLINE FIBRE™, ranging from sales orders to service delivery to maintenance and repair, resulting in significant process efficiency gains.

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Feb 2017 - Globe saves US$546k worth of assets using Streamline™ Asset Management

Manilla, Philippines 2017

Asset visibility from the field is one of the main issues ac ross any telecom company globally, especially in the broadband business. For the enterprise arm of Globe Telecom (part of the Sintel Group), retrieval of customer assets is a perennial problem due…

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Jan 2017 - Nasc Technologies modernises Sacofa’s Operations with STREAMLINE™

Kuching, Malaysia 2017
SACOFA Sdn Bhd has selected Nasc Technologies STREAMLINE™ platform to modernize and mobilise its technical operations. STREAMLINE™ will manage Sacofas trouble ticketing, asset management, and more, with all this being mobile enabled. In addition, all of Sacofa’s subcontractors will use STREAMLINE™ to report on and verify work done on site, real time, and submit and get approval for invoices using STREAMLINE™ business logic engine.


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Jul 2016 - Nasctech and TSSG collaborate in R&D

Waterford, Ireland 01 July 2016
Nasctech announced today that it is engaging with Telecommunications Software & Systems Group (TSSG) at Waterford Institute of Technology to kick off a programme of R&D around telecommunication operations. The Research and Development will be carried out under Enterprise Ireland’s Innovation Partnership programme.


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Sep 2015 - Nasc Technologies announces appointment of ConnectIT UAE FZ LLC as partner for Middle East & Africa

Dubai, UAE 10 Sep 2015
Nasc Technologies Ltd today announced that it has appointed ConnectIT FZ LLC as its non-exclusive IT consulting partner, professional services and software distributor for the Middle East and Africa. The agreement encompasses Nasc Technologies’ range of software solutions including STREAMLINE™, VISAULIZE™ and STREAMLINE FIBRE™, in addition to a range of professional services.


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Aug 2015 - Nasc Technologies, Globe Telecom bring cloud mobility solutions to Philippine enterprises

Manilla, Philippines 24 Aug 2015
Nasc Technologies Ltd. has been selected by leading Philippine telco Globe Telecom to modernize the operations of the installation and maintenance activities of Globe Business, its corporate information and communication technology (ICT) arm.
With the STREAMLINE™ solution, Globe will be able to deliver a faster and higher quality of service to its corporate customers through the mobilization of all elements of post-sales delivery and support.


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Feb 2014 - Nasctech STREAMLINE™ FSS Solution goes to WOM Chile

Santiago, 7 Feb 2014
Nasc Technologies Ltd Field Operations Support System (FSS), STREAMLINE™ was selected as a part of WOM Chile's plan to modernize their field operations and drive down costs. The STREAMLINE™ solution will, for the first time, give management real-time field visibility and control, via a data driven approach. Nextel will use STREAMLINE™ to drive reductions in OPEX spend, improve repair time, manage contractors, and capture network inventory.


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Nov 2013 - Vodacom DRC chooses Irish company Nasctech for Field Ops Management

Cape Town, 14 Nov 2013
Nasctech, the leading provider of Field Operation Support Systems for Communication Service Providers (CSPs), announced that its STREAMLINE™ solution has been deployed by Vodacom in the Democratic Republic of Congo. The announcement was made during the Enterprise Ireland trade mission to South Africa and Nigeria, led by Minister for Trade and Development, Joe Costello T.D.


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May 2013 - Globe Philippines selects Nasctech to transform field operations

Nasctech, the premier provider of Field Operation Support Systems for Communication Service Providers (CSPs), today announced that its STREAMLINE™ solution has been selected by Globe Philippines. STREAMLINE™ is a unique solution that enables CSPs to drive down their field OPEX spend, and achieve a strong degree of visibility and control over the management of their field operations.nes.

Globe Philippines has deployed STREAMLINE™ to lower costs, improve network quality, and drive general efficiencies in its field organisation. STREAMLINE™ is based on the new industry concept of Field Operations Support Systems (FSS), which is the application of the principles and practices of OSS to the field, properly integrating field operations with an operator’s network operations centre and critical applications.


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April 2012 - Nasctech's field management OPEX solution STREAMLINE™ , enables Cellular One® to deliver efficient field operations.

Nasctech, the premier provider of field OPEX management solutions for communication service providers, announced today that its STREAMLINE™ solution has been implemented by CellularOne, headquartered in Arizona, across its rural network in the southwestern U.S.


Cellular One has deployed STREAMLINE™ to lower its operational field costs, optimize workforce management, improve process planning, and drive efficiency in the field while also leveraging existing system OSS functionality and assets.


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