telecom field


how you manage
fibre networks


the offline world


enhance operational efficiency of telecom networks

  • Developed to tackle and resolve the issues encountered in managing telco field operations.
  • Take back control of your field OPEX, increase network quality, and drive efficiencies.
  • Delivers a platform for world class field operations in telecoms.
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Streamline Fibre ™

Modernise how you manage your Fibre network

  • Know where your fibre assets are: enhance your balance sheet
  • Speed up fibre rollout via acceptance: get to revenue quicker
  • Connect engineering and sales: empower your sales team to sell

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Visualise ™

See the commercial picture real time

  • Brings intelligence and quality assurance to your commercial presence
  • Advanced thinking and technologies, applied to your key commercial activities
  • Know your brand and where it stands. Drive revenues, spot opportunities.

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