Dublin, Ireland Oct 2020


Vodafone Fiji, the top operator in the country, has rolled out STREAMLINE™ Field Operations Management software solution from Nasctech to build an efficient, digital and COVID ready technical operations approach.


Vodafone Fiji will use STREAMLINE™ to manage all their field staff, plus several of their back in OSS functions.


“The Nasctech solution allows us to quickly modernise our operations, and the highly flexible platform means that Nasctech can quickly tailor a solution for us, and matches our requirements much more closely than other options we looked at. We are already seeing reductions in our ticketing MTTR, and efficiencies in general”, says Andrew Kumar, Regional CTO.


Nasctech CEO Des Keary said, “We are extremely happy to be working with such an innovative operator as Vodafone Fiji. We’ve found it very easy to work with Vodafone Fiji, as they are quite willing to try new technologies, and quickly alter how they work for better. Vodafone Fiji have very in a short time embraced STREAMLINE™ and applied it to their operations, making them more agile and efficient.


We are delighted to be working with Vodafone Fiji, who are just the partner we are seeking to work with – Vodafone Fiji wants to quickly be fully mobile, automated, and data driven, which is exactly what STREAMLINE™ is designed to do, and is already doing for Vodafone Fiji. Moreover, we are working with Vodafone Fiji to use the platform to tightly manage and visualise their network, in the process adding some innovative functionality to do this uniquely well”.


Vodafone Fiji is the leading mobile operator in Fiji and has over 25 years of experience in providing cellular phone services and solutions to the businesses and people of Fiji. It now has over 780,000 subscribers on its network with a population coverage of circa 96%.


Nasctech is based in Dublin, Ireland, and is live in over 20 countries worldwide, ranging all the way from Chile and the US in the Americas to Malaysia and the Philippines in Asia.