Dublin, Ireland Mar 2019


Nasc Technologies (Nasctech) has appointed Verdant Advisors to assist in building out its global partner network, with a focus on the North American market. Verdant will work to identify and onboard suitable partners to help bring Nasc Technologies innovative product line to a much broader audience through the scale that partners bring.


Says David Wilkinson, Verdant CEO, “We’re delighted to be working with Nasctech, as given their clever and innovative products we see that attracting partners to be quite straightforward”.


“While Nasctech’s main product line remains their flagship Streamline product, which brings rapid mobility and automation to Telco operations, over the last 2 years Nasctech have broadened into fibre planning and operations. Furthermore, Nasctech will in Q2 this year launch its powerful AI platform, focused on analyzing telco operator’s OSS stream to help predict and prevent service impacting issues, thus improving customer experience. Given these 3 strong product lines, we expect to be able to quickly add partners, and indeed we are already seeing good engagement just a few weeks in”.


Des Keary, Nasctech CEO, adds, “We’re very pleased to be working with Verdant, and in particular David, who is a proven leader in the telco industry. In his formative years David built and sold several companies, before moving into helping other companies grow and evolve, so David has done it all before, and not only offers an incredible network but great advice and guidance also. We look forward to working with Verdant well into the future”.


About Nasctech

Nasc Technologies Ltd is a leading supplier of telecommunication software, and is live in over 25+ countries worldwide, ranging all the way from Chile and the US in the Americas to Malaysia and the Philippines in Asia.


About Verdant

Verdant is a Telecoms Consultancy based in Dallas, USA