TSTT stays ahead of the game by using Streamline AI to predict Inventory needs

Dublin, Ireland Apr 2020


Trinidad and Tobago's leading telecommunications operator, Telecommunications Services of Trinidad and Tobago (TSTT), has selected Streamline AI to help predict and optimize its inventory needs to better serve its residential and business customers.


Streamline AI will allow TSTT to look at previous consumption trends, stock on hand, and future forecasts, to plan its ordering needs and optimize its inventory working capital.


Keino Cox, TSTT Chief Procurement Officer, notes, "We have worked with Nasctech and its core Streamline product for several years, so they are a trusted strategic partner. When they unveiled their AI platform last year, we were most impressed and saw endless possibilities; the first being to help us to optimally plan our warehouse inventory. We very much look forward to seeing how Streamline AI learns our unique needs and optimizes our inventory over time."


Des Keary, Nasctech Chief Executive Officer, adds, "We're delighted to be working with an operator as innovative and progressive as TSTT. From day one, TSTT has proven to be the ideal partner to work with, sharing our vision of mobile, digital, and real-time operations. TSTT's quick embrace of Streamline AI is another example of this, and we expect to see strong results from this project."



About TSTT

Established in 1991, Telecommunications Services of Trinidad and Tobago (TSTT) is Trinidad and Tobago's largest provider of communications solutions to the residential and commercial markets. Its leading edge products are designed around an IP-based core infrastructure and marketed under the "bmobile" brand. The company provides broadband and mobile access using best-in -class 4G LTE and HSPA+ technology. Other solutions provided include IP-PBX; Metro Ethernet; TelePresence and Video Conferencing; subscription based IPTV as well as business and home alarm monitoring services. TSTT is the industry leader, deploying both wireless and fiber optic networks to deliver voice, data and multimedia capabilities making it also one of the most advanced solutions providers in the country. The company's customers include key industry leaders in the finance, energy, government, manufacturing, education, healthcare and tourism sectors.



About Nasctech

Nasc Technologies Ltd is a leading supplier of telecommunication mobility and AI software, and is live in over 15 countries worldwide, ranging all the way from the US and the Caribbean in the Americas, to Malaysia and the Philippines in Asia.