Sacofa uses Streamline AI to speed up its fibre design

Kuching, Malaysia Apr 2021


SACOFA Sdn Bhd is incorporating Nasctech’s AI platform into its existing Streamline Fibre install to help improve the speed and quality of their FTTH designs. The AI module will learn from previous designs to suggest the most optimal fibre route for green-fields or existing network extension to Sacofa’s planners, saving considerable time and effort in the process.


“Using AI to improve our designs is a very innovative approach which was suggested to us by Nasctech”, says Zakaria Polit, Sacofa CIO. We understand that it is now time to implement AI into overall operations however Nasctech is one of the only vendors so far to proactively seek and suggest ways in which we can practically do this. We’re very happy with the early results, and look forward to getting value from this application of AI, and thereafter doing something similar in all elements of our operations”


Nasctech CEO Des Keary said, “Sacofa are a great early adopter of new technology, as again evidenced in its embrace of our AI platform. We’re delighted to be one of the pioneering vendors within Sacofa to bring them to AI driven operations, starting with using AI to assist in their design process, which already resides and is live on Streamline today. Our aim is to cut the design process effort by a further 50% once the AI module matures”


Nasctech is based in Dublin, Ireland, and is live in over 20 countries worldwide, ranging all the way from Chile and the US in the Americas to Malaysia and the Philippines in Asia.


SACOFA SDN BHD (552905-P) is a "one-stop centre" providing telecommunication infrastructure to service providers in Sarawak. As the “Technology and Telecommunication” flagship in the state of Sarawak, SACOFA manages and facilitates all telecommunication infrastructures on the concept of sharing basis.