STREAMLINE Drone™ Reduces Tower Audit timelines by a factor of 6 for Sacofa in Malaysia

Kuching, Malaysia Sept 2018


SACOFA Sdn Bhd has become one of the first Malaysian telco’s to embrace the new wave of drone technologies and have selected Nasc Technologies’ Streamline Drone software platform, which automates drones flights for tower inventory audit purposes. It also automates the processing of all resultant images from such tower audits, greatly improving the speed at which audits can be completed. The automation brought by Streamline Drone™ has greatly reduced the time to execute and process an audit from a total of 6 hours down to 1 hour. In addition to this, a significant gain in the accuracy of the audits has been achieved, increasing from 69% to over 85%.


"Streamline Drone™ has really made it easy for us to get value from drones quickly. We had bought 10 drones but found them difficult to fly near towers them and then time consuming when processing their output. We found out quickly drones are not as easy to fly as you might think, especially very close to a tower, and trying to make sense of up to 200 images afterwards was simply too daunting. Now it’s pretty much automated, to the degree I would say it is easy", says Sudarnoto Osman. Sacofa CEO."


With Streamline Drone™, a field engineer can select a tower type from a list in the mobile app, enter several variables, and then simply press go, and the drone does the rest, flying automatically. Subsequently, the images are sent to the image recognition server, which automatically works out what type of equipment is on the tower, at what height, what azimuth and more.


Sudarnoto Osman. Sacofa CEO, continues; "On top of this, when we flew drones manually, the drones would freeze due to the RF signals of the towers interfering with the drones wireless communications handheld controller. In this case, which happened most of the time, the drones would abort the flight, but now since Streamline Drone™ uploads the flight path to the drone this key problem has been eliminated".


Nasc Technologies Limited CEO Des Keary said, "Sacofa have once again proven to be a most innovative and proactive adopter of new technologies with Streamline Drone™. Together we have optimised the solution such that it is changing the game for drones, to one where each field engineer will have one as part of their toolkit, and use it effectively on a daily basis. And once again, the industry is watching closely at what we have achieved in Sacofa with Streamline Drone™, to the degree where I would say interest levels have become almost overwhelming!"


Nasc Technologies Limited is based in Dublin, Ireland, and is live in over 20 countries worldwide, ranging all the way from the US and Trinidad in the Americas to Malaysia and the Philippines in Asia.


SACOFA SDN BHD (552905-P) is a "one-stop centre" providing telecommunication infrastructure to service providers in Sarawak. As the "Technology and Telecommunication" flagship in the state of Sarawak, SACOFA manages and facilitates all telecommunication infrastructures on the concept of sharing basis.