Nasc Technologies modernises Sacofa’s Operations with STREAMLINE™

Kuching, Malaysia Jan 2017


SACOFA Sdn Bhd has selected Nasc Technologies STREAMLINE™ platform to modernize and mobilise its technical operations.


STREAMLINE™ will manage Sacofas trouble ticketing, asset management, and more, with all this being mobile enabled. In addition, all of Sacofa’s subcontractors will use STREAMLINE™ to report on and verify work done on site, real time, and submit and get approval for invoices using STREAMLINE™ business logic engine.


In addition, Sacofa will use STREAMLINE™ to manage all their fibre links, circuits, and core assignments, and use STREAMLINE™ to plan fibre network expansions.


“The Nasctech solution allows us to rapidly modernise how we operate, and the highly flexible platform means that Nasctech can tailor a solution that is uniquely ours, and matches our requirements much more closely than other options we looked at. We are already seeing reductions in our ticketing MTTR, and efficiencies in general”, says Sudarnoto Osman. Sacofa CEO.


Nasctech CEO Des Keary said, “We are delighted to be working with Sacofa, who are just the partner we are seeking to work with – Sacofa want to quickly be fully mobile, automated, and data driven, which is exactly what STREAMLINE™ is deisgned to do, and is already doing for Sacofa. Moreover, we are working with Sacofa to use the platform to tightly manage and visualise their fibre network, in the process adding some innovative functionality to do this uniquely well”.


Nasctech is based in Dublin, Ireland, and is live in over 20 countries worldwide, ranging all the way from Chile and the US in the Americas to Malaysia and the Philippines in Asia.


SACOFA SDN BHD (552905-P) is a "one-stop centre" providing telecommunication infrastructure to service providers in Sarawak. As the “Technology and Telecommunication” flagship in the state of Sarawak, SACOFA manages and facilitates all telecommunication infrastructures on the concept of sharing basis.