Globe Telecom moves to a fibre predictive maintenance approach using Streamline AI

Manila, Philippines Jan 2022


Leading Philippine telco Globe Telecom has selected Nasc Technologies Ltd. to move to a predictive maintenance approach for its fibre network.


Globe uses a Remote Fibre Test System to monitor its fibre backbone, and Nasctech will use data generated by this system to predict in advance which locations need attention to prevent issues, and also which locations do not so as to reduce OPEX spend.


“We realise now in the age of Artificial Intelligence we need to move to a more predictive approach in general in our operations, and in particular when it comes to maintenance of our all-important fibre network” says Globe OSS Director Niles Howsware.”Our network and monitoring systems generate enormous amounts of data which is ideal for AI, and Nasctech’s focus on AI for operations made them the ideal partner for this initiative, as well as several others we have in the pipeline”


Nasctech CEO Des Keary said, “Once again Globe has proven to be highly innovative in being an early adaptor of AI for its technical operations. We’re very much looking forward to working with Globe on this fibre operations AI approach, and delivering results that will lead to a more stable fibre network, while at the same time giving a lower cost maintenance approach”.



About Globe

Globe Telecom, Inc. is the leading provider of telecommunications services in the Philippines. The Company operates mobile, fixed line and broadband networks and provides communications services to individual customers, small and medium-sized businesses, and corporate and enterprise clients.



About Nasctech

Nasc Technologies Ltd is a leading supplier of telecommunication automation and AI software, and is live in over 15 countries worldwide, ranging all the way from the US and the Caribbean in the Americas, to Malaysia and the Philippines in Asia.