CellularOne improves operational efficiency by 31% using Streamline™


The Problem

CellularOne prides itself in maintaining a high level of network uptime and service quality to its subscribers through its diligence and attention to detail. However, their field operations was manual and characterized by fragmented information and sub-optimal efficiency.

For example, field reports were being sent by email or done on paper and aggregated on spreadsheets, which were difficult to both collate and trend historical data. Communication with contractors was slow and a global view of how the network was being managed was absent.


Streamline™ Solution

Since Streamline™ was implemented, all field work is now mobile, and digital; CellularOne now has a real time, complete picture of all activities in the field by both its own engineers and its contractors. Not only this but the work being done in the field is now far more efficient - no longer are field staff spending hours writing up excel reports in the evening, which rarely get analysed. In addition, the number of outages have reduced significantly due to the improved quality and thoroughness of this new digital approach.


Streamline™ enables CellularOne to:

  • View and update alarms, trouble tickets, and inventory real time on a smartphone - e.g. engineers can check for open issues at the site without calling the NOC
  • Send field reports on site from the mobile in seconds, with both photographic proof on work quality and GPS tagging to prove work
  • View management reports online real time to optimise all field work and movements
  • Quickly configure new templates for maintenance routines on demand


Since launching Streamline™, CellularOne has reducing paperwork by over 90%, by completing work on real time while on site, which translate into a 31% increase in the amount of jobs a field engineer or contractor can deliver on average. In addition, the number of outages has reduced significantly thanks to better quality of field work brought about thanks to the greatly improved visibility and control given by Streamline™.