April 2012 - Nasctech's field management OPEX solution STREAMLINE™ , enables Cellular One® to deliver efficient field operations.



Nasctech, the premier provider of field OPEX management solutions for communication service providers, announced today that its STREAMLINE™ solution has been implemented by CellularOne, headquartered in Arizona, across its rural network in the southwestern U.S.


Cellular One has deployed STREAMLINE™ to lower its operational field costs, optimize workforce management, improve process planning, and drive efficiency in the field while also leveraging existing system OSS functionality and assets.


“The Nasctech solution allows us to organize and automate our field operations, permitting us to map and mobilize our field processes thus delivering efficiency gains. The result is decreased costs,” explained Guy Turley, CTO at CellularOne. “Rather than working with many different systems across multiple contractors, we can unify our fieldoperations into a single view, saving valuable management time. In addition, STREAMLINE™ helps ensure that job activities are completed properly and validated on site, and the right information is readily available to accurately complete field tasks using the customized checklists, OSS alarms, and trouble tickets.”


Mr. Turley continued, “The KPI and trending of field information from the system means my O&M managers have the business intelligence data available to drive improved performance and move toward lowering costs both now and into the future”.


Nasctech CEO Des Keary said, "We are delighted that Cellular One decided to use our STREAMLINE™ solution to optimize their field activities and bring a higher level of efficiency to the daily operations of their tower network. We believe Nasctech's software can save up to 10% on OPEX for a typical cellular operator, as well and reducing revenue leakage through tighter preventative maintenance. We look forward to working with Cellular One to achieve its longer term goal of decreasing its operational costs across its tower network".


About Nasctech

Nasctech develops field OPEX management solutions targeted at the mobile telecoms sector. Cellular operators can spend up to 70% of their technology OPEX on field operations, contributing a significant amount to the cost base. STREAMLINE™ , allows operators to get visibility and control on the cost management of their tower network, leading to considerable savings in OPEX. STREAMLINE™ transforms the management of field OPEX, providing real time visibility, allowing costs to be driven down and efficiencies to be driven up.


STREAMLINE™  has gained much attention because of its cost reduction capabilities, rapid issue identification features, its flexibility, and ease of use. It is a unique solution targeted specifically at the telecoms market, in which the founders have a combined experience of 40+ years.


For more information, visit www.nasctech.com


About Cellular One

Cellular One www.cellularoneonline.com is a leading provider of wireless communications service committed to providing the most reliable service to its customers in rural Arizona, New Mexico, and Utah. Headquartered in Show Low, Ariz., Cellular One operates a network of more than 159 cell sites, with additional sites in the works, and a total of 22 stores within its coverage area—providing nearly 200 jobs in the region.


Many of the communities Cellular One serves are rural and/or situated on Native American reservations. In fact, before Cellular One arrived, telephone penetration for most regional tribal communities was roughly 27%. In cooperation with the FCC, the U.S. government, and the Navajo, Hopi, Zuni, and White Mountain Apache Native American Tribal Councils, today Cellular One currently provides basic cellular telephone service to approximately 80% of these rural tribal areas.


Cellular One is also committed to charitable involvement in every community it serves. The company's "Live Connected" brand message reflects its mission to help customers live connected to one another and their communities by offering the most reliable cellular service at the best value with unrivaled customer service.


For more information, visit www.cellularoneonline.com and www.facebook.com/CellularOneOnline